THOR & THE IMPS Triumphant Tour Europe

Return home to North America Victorious

(Part I)

a report by Linda Nystrom

Jon Mikl Thor and The Imps which included Frank Soda on guitar, Savage Watts (a UFC Fighter) on drums and Killer Kilby on bass blew away all highest expectations possible reaching even a godlike plateau for fans who travelled from all over Europe to see them in Helsinki, Finland and in Sweden at the Muskelrock Festival.

The tour started in Helsinki, Finland, where a sold out crowd at DOM(The Dome) were awestruck as THOR presented his new movie THOR-The Rock Opera produced by Jon Mikl Thor and John Fasano and written and directed by John Cody Fasano.

John Cody Fasano did a remarkable job presenting the film to a roaring crowd.

Then if that wasn't enough THOR took the stage with the Live Rock Opera. THOR and The Imps led by legendary Canadian guitarist Frank Soda prowled like a tiger through one song after another drawing the fans into a frenzy. On stage also were the beautiful Valkyries who throbbed and pulsated from song to song.

"See The Lightning, Hear The Thunder" Jon Mikl Thor yelled to the crowd and they replied with deafening roar.
As if this wasn't mind blowing enough THOR invited Teemu from FINNTHOR,The Finnish THOR band, on stage to play power bass. It was fantastic!

Every song was great, Triumphant, Thunder On The Tundra, Let The Blood Run Red and of course "Warriors Of The Universe" which has become the International Metal anthem of the World.

Jon Mikl Thor looked in top shape. He was very handsome, His muscles were very powerful and he must have leaped with a karate kick 14 feet into the air as a climax. How did he do that.
THOR truly is superhuman. Unreal.

Next up THOR in won't believe what happens next!

THOR Tour Report - Sweden


(Part II)

By Jack Nystrom

There is so much to report from Sweden as the MUSKELROCK FESTIVAL 2011 took place from June 2-4 in Alvesta , Sweden.

First up Jon Mikl Thor and John Cody Fasano were MC of the THOR International Film Festival which featured "THOR-The Rock Opera".
The movie was well received and made the crowd want more THOR.
The next day THOR mc'd the main stage at the Festival introducing such great bands as Helvisport, Girschool, Bullet, Drakkar, and more.

Thor was happy to see Girlschool again as they had the same manager, Douglas Smith back in the 1980's and did some shows together. A great highlite was when THOR, Frank Soda, Savage Watts and Killer Kilby joined in with Bullet and sang Bite The Vullet.

All the bands were sensational and had a powerful stage presence.
On June 4th the fans were coming in droves through the turnstiles in what proved to be the largest attendence ever at the Muskerock Festival. The word was out that THOR was to play that night and the fans wanted the best seats.

The venue was jammed packed when THOR took the stage. The emotional audience kept chanting "THOR' "THOR" "THOR".
The musicians, Frank Soda, Killer Kilby and Savage Watts took to the stage first to a dramatic prelude to the show and broke into "Immigrant Song" by Led Zep. A song about the coming of the Vikings to the Western Shore, and the tales of Thor. This led to a overwheliming voice of Odin drawing out the magnificent one who was warming up backstage.

Then with the crowd going berserk, An unbelievable ominus presence walks towards the stage with egnimatic strength led by two valkyries. It was THOR. He was ready to Rock The Earth. The cameras followed him as a television crew were filming a primetime special for Swedish TV.

As his Gold helmet shone in the midnight sun and his blond hair and cape flowed with the wind as muscles rippled and armour tensed THOR approaches the microphone, He holds his Hammer High and breaks into "Triumphant".
It was as if God had landed on the stage and was ready to meet his people.

THOR ripped and grappled from one song to the next, bending steel around Loki's neck and ripping microphone stands in two. He moved, he strutted, he knew his show with confidence. A seasoned pro. It was unreal to watch this Regal King of Muscle Rock show such monsterous superstrength and Vocal Royalty. With spectacular visual effects, he and the band sang songs of legend such as "Anger", "Let The Blood Run Red", "Thunderhawk", "Thunder On The Tundra"

The Thor Korr sang along with each and every song. The climax of "Warriors of The Universe" had the security guards nervous as they were trying to hold back the crowd from crossing the fence and moat and reaching the stage.

After the anthem "Warrior"s completed, the crowd salivated for more and THOR and the band obliged with "We Live To Rock".
During the song THOR was doing karate kicks fouteen feat into the air. As THOR flipped on his back in Jim Morrison style, he flipped back up on his feat just as fast as a crazed maniac jumped on the stage and tried to hit THOR with a guitar. He was obviously jealous of THOR dancing with the Valyries.

THOR grabbed the guitar out of his hand and with one hand threw him across the stage and started playing his guitar.
THOR then gave him the microphone and had he and everyone singing "We Live To Rock".

What a night. THOR proved to be a mastershowman and the Regal and Royal King Of Muskelrock.


THOR sold out concert in Helsinki, Finland, June 1, 2011

THOR 20,000 fans watch in Sweden

Crowd goes wild 20,000 fans Sweden

THOR sold out concert, November,2010 Montreal, Quebec

THOR sold out at Slims, San Francisco

THOR Quebec City, November, 2010

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