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Report from THOR show in Fargo

By Aaron Hart

A review of THOR's live show
at The East Gate Lounge in Fargo, MD

August 17th, 2005

To start out and to be perfectly honest, none of my bandmates had really heard of Thor before we played the show with him on August 17th. Needless to say, we are all true believers now. Before the show, I did a little research on the background of the band and of Thor himself. This was a match made in Valhalla! Thor, the god of thunder and Vindictus the Viking-metal warriors of Fargo together on one stage. How Norse is that!?

I met with the band prior to Thor's arrival and helped them unload. Afterwards, I bought them a pitcher of beer and hung uot for a while, waiting for Ragnarok to take place. We played for about an hour or so and I
believe impressed the band. We all got Thor's autograph before he went on. As he signed my "Triumphant" cd I thought "Thor IS a big f*cking dude!).

As Thor went on Vindictus watched side-stage and were blown away by the theatrics and stage presence of the entire band. After the show, we all got pictures taken with the man. As the night came to a close, I presented Thor with my ram's head claymore sword as a token of our appreciation and a momento of Fargo and the band Vindictus.

--Aaron Hart/Vindictus