The Rock Warrior THOR will shake the very halls of Valhalla itself from the stage of the 4th Annual Northwest Metalfest outdoor festival to be held near Vancouver between Chilliwack and Hope, British Columbia, Canada on Aug. 10-12. The festival will feature 30 bands, free camping, free showers, full bar, and full concessions. THOR will hit the stage at 10pm on Aug. 11. Promoters BROKEN MONKEY ENTERTAINMENT and SOUNDWAVE ENTERTAINMENT will be putting on the 2-day event.

“A giant stage will be built in the fashion of the famous Woodstock Festival,” says JASON CRONE of BROKEN MONKEY. “We will have the most amazing light system ever seen to accommodate bands like THOR.”

The Abbotsford Airshow will be nearby at the Abbotsford International Airport.

“I would like it to be twilight and have 8 Fighter Jets fly overhead to open the show,” said THOR (who was voted one of the greatest frontmen in Rock History by England’s CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE). “ MIKE KISCHNICK will be playing guitar for that show, along with STEVE BIFFORD on bass and BEN FRITH on drums.
The mighty Asgardian will put on a Hell of a show – with Metal that’s as inescapable as the thunder produced by the mighty, legendary warhammer Mjolnir itself, but also showcasing THOR’s new look and new costuming! Joining THOR, other acts on the roster include: CAVEAT, SONIC BOOM, METALLIAN, DAYGLO ABORTIONS, and many more. Admission is $40. All ages will be admitted, and more information is available at:

Coincidentally, the show also celebrates the fact that THOR is preparing to take us on a thunderous, epic quest with his new album, “INTO THE NOISE” on SDR Records.

“INTO THE NOISE is basically a concept album where the band goes on a journey to the center of the mind, of noise,” said THOR. “They come across all these alternate characters and creatures like The Sound King. It’s a quest. Like in the song ‘Back For More’, it’s about coming back to rise up again and do battle again. Sometimes you have to retreat when you get overwhelmed or defeated, but then you regain your strength and go back in. So we’re heading back Into the Noise.”

This album will be an All Digital Release (although some actual limited edition collectors cd’s will be released as well).

THOR has long been a champion of environmental causes, before the industry as a whole jumped on the bandwagon with events such as the Live Earth series of concerts. With the success of recent albums “THOR AGAINST THE WORLD” and “DEVASTATION OF MUSCULATION”, THOR is very proud to be associated with Smog Veil – the label is currently converting to an all-Green, environmentally friendly office for its HQ.

THOR will utilize various technologies available to promote “INTO THE NOISE” such as youtube and some free downloads from the album on

Track listing for “Into The Noise” includes:

1) Warrior's Reprise
2) Into The Noise
3) Evil Twin
4) No Guts, No Glory
5) Escape Or Die
6) Fight For You
7) Sound King
8) If Tomorrow Never Comes
9) Forever & After
10) Back For More

Songs 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8 were produced by MIKE KISCHNICK, songs 6,9 were produced by THOR, song 3 was produced by STEVE PRICE, KC CRAWFORD, ARTHUR GENQUIST, and song 10 produced by BEN FRITH.

“The song FOREVER AND AFTER is from a movie that’s been in the works for a long time,” THOR shared. “I wrote the song back in 2002. It’s an acoustic number – you hear THOR sing acoustically which I don’t usually do. It’s for a movie coming out called ‘Forever & After’. It’s a sci-fi movie.”

Videos are being filmed for the title track and the song “Evil Twin”.

THOR will be featured on an ongoing segment for MTV Canada in August and September, 2007. It features THOR answering letters from fans who need advice on topics such as Love and Sex amongst other things. MTV Canada is also working on a THOR animation called THOR Road Stories.

JON MIKL THOR recently starred in the Lifetime Network feature movie “A Family Lost” to rave reviews.


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