Jon Mikl Thor combines sheer physical power with the power of Metal music using all the force and determination of a Nordic Thunder God wielding the Asgardian warhammer, Mjolnir.

Thor had a clear vision at an early age of exactly what he wanted to accomplish, and with focus and an amazing take-charge attitude, set himself on a unique quest to control his own destiny. His bodybuilding career actually started at the tender age of 7, and by the time he reached his teen years, he was already winning some pretty tough competitions.

Thor traveled the world winning 40 titles in the bodybuilding world before seamlessly melding awe-inspiring strength with the rock-solid heaviness of music. He still uses the disciplines and philosophies he developed in the early stages of his career to this very day making him indeed the only one deserving the mantle of The Rock Warrior.

Thor is truly an inspiration, for those who want to earn their own place in Valhalla by following the path he set forth, as well as for those of us who don't want to miss a nanosecond of his multifaceted career which is as bright as multiple bolts of lightning across the darkest of skies.

What made you decide to start bodybuilding at age 7?

My brother was a superstar athlete and excelled at all the sports. In addition, he looked like Steve Reeves who played Hercules in all the movies. I admired him.

I also read a lot of comics about superheroes such as Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, and wanted to become like them.

Wasn't the self discipline required for bodybuilding difficult at such an early age?

It was fun when I was lifting small weights at ten years old. But when I hit my teen years and was starting to prepare to enter body building championships, it became very serious. I was invited to many parties, but had to decline because I was training and did not want to partake in too much alcohol that goes with parties.

What were your early regimens?

Wake up at 6 am, workout, have breakfast, go to school. After school: rugby practice, evening football practice.

Did diet play a part in that as well?

With a very high metabolism, I took in much protein, vitamins, good calories and carbos as I could. I was very defined and would drink a lot of protein shakes which contained protein, milk, and eggs to bulk up.

What about supplements did you use any of those?

I took in a lot of vitamins and protein. Before a contest, I would try to cut carbohydrates 30 days before the contest by just eating tuna, steak, and water. I cut out vegetables for that last month before the contest and had to supplement my vitamin intake with multiple vitamins and heavy doses of C, B-12.

Do you still watch diet & supplements closely?

Yes I do. I take Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Cod Liver Oil, zinc, digested enzymes, high protein shakes, hydrochloric acid, calcium magnesium, Alpha Lipoic Acid.

What about meditations/mental focuses?

Yes, I would do many wild physical things to get psyched up but also had to relax and go into deep thoughts. So, it was quite a ritual.

When did you decide to go into competitions?

I entered my first contest at 14.

Did your regimens change any during that time?

Yes, they started to become more intense. Less rest between sets. I started doing super sets, tri-sets (three exercises one after the other with no rest).

There are several organizations that sanction body building competitions, like the NPC and the IFBB. Which one(s) did you compete in?

I competed in various organizations at that time: AAU, IFBB, WBBG, ABBA, BCABBA.

Can you tell us a little about the competitions and all of the titles you won?

Bodybuilding was really coming into its own in the late 60's and 70's. Great champions arose such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dave Draper, Frank Zane, Larry Scott, and Lou Ferrigno. This was an incredible time as bodybuilding started to become very popular overnight. A lot of it had to do with Arnold's movie, Pumping Iron, or Wild World of Sports covering Mr. World and Mr. Universe competitions. I'd like to think I contributed to the cause by touring North America with my Muscle Rock show which had sold-out venues in every city.

As far as titles I won, here are some: Mr. USA, Mr. Canada, Mr. Universe, Mr. International, Mr. North America, Mr. Junior Canada, Most Muscular Man in Canada, Mr. Teenage USA, Mr. Western Canada, Mr. British Columbia, Runnerup to Lou Ferrigno Mr. Teenage America, Mr. Empire State, Mr. Northwest.

Further, I won Best Chest in many competitions as they had categories such as Best Arms, Chest, Legs, and Back.

At what point did Doug Hepburn become your mentor? What did you learn from him?

Doug Hepburn owned a Health Food Industry, and we worked out a deal to have my own line of products after I won Mr. Canada and Mr. USA. My first product was a high protein product.

Are you still doing anything like that? If not, is that something you're considering doing again?

No. I have too much going on to be on top of the protein company as well. But it's not out of the question. I would consider a Thor brand protein drink in the future.

When did you decide to combine the strength of bodybuilding with the strength of metal music (which no one was doing before that!)?

I toyed with the idea in my early teens when I played bass in a band and was also training for bodybuilding championships. I liked the idea of combining theatre and rock as did Alice Cooper, Kiss, and many superstar bands of the early 80's. I thought, "Why not put together muscle, power, and rock; to put on a sort-of Herculean Super Hero Show."

Tell us a little about the amazing feats of strength you use during your shows, such as bending steel?!

There is heavy concentration combined with strength. I put the steel bar in my teeth and use my jaws and neck as leverage. I have pulled neck tendons.

Have you had to rest and heal after that? Did you have to leave a certain amount of time between shows?

Recently after the Eastern Canadian Beastwomen tour early this year, I did injure the back of my neck quite badly and did have a bout of severe headaches. So, yes, I needed to heal. Like a professional athlete, I get injured in my shows doing intense strength feats. I am the Evel Knievel of Rock!

How has your regimen changed as your career focuses have evolved?

My time is very limited. But I am able to get a lot done in a shorter period of time by using tri-sets or quad-sets. I come into the gym and get a tremendous workout in while others are sitting there waiting for their next set. I've done 15 sets in 10 minutes, and they are on their third.

What regimen are you currently following?

A no-rest-between-sets type of workout which helps pump up your muscles, works your endurance and cardiovascular. I'm planning to write a book on this amazing routine.

In times of grueling schedules (such as filming or touring), how do you keep up with your regimens?

This routine is the only way for me with my grueling schedule.

Now, what about kickboxing? Weren't you in a kickboxing thing with D.O.A. last year?

Yes, we performed as a unique idea along with the World Kick Boxing Championship as this was a rare Sport Event combined with a concert, that I think is a perfect meld. Years ago I put on Bodybuilding Championships and Rock Concerts as a young promoter.

You're currently learning sword fighting techniques as well?

Yes. I need to for the movie Intercessor. Actually, the co-star, Craig Bowlsby, plays the evil Mephisto. As well as being aa great actor, he is 5-time Western Canadian Fencing Champion. So, he has shown me some good moves with the sword.

Are you looking to expand to even more physical horizons?

I want to do a lot of different physical activities such as: play street hockey, swim, football to keep it all fun since I tortured myself with the severe weight training for so many years. I've got to keep my endurance up at a very high pace since my rock concert takes so much energy.

What advice would you give to those aspiring to follow in your footsteps?

Believe in yourself. Be creative. Follow your dreams. If you want to go for physique championships, do it. Train hard.



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