Photos of THOR's fans - sent in to show their support for the ThunderGod!
Hopefully they will soon get their photos taken with THOR so that
we can add them to the Fans With THOR photo section.

Contact us to submit your photo today!

Mask version of the THOR shield logo on the arm of a THOR fan in Germany named Didi.

Photo submitted June 2011.
THOR shield logo on the arm of a THOR fan in Massachusetts who goes by the name of Wolfheart.
Original logo art by Page Wood 1985 & updated by Michael Pilmer in the 1990's.

Photo submitted September 2010.
Autographed THOR backpatch - made by Duane in San Francisco...and signed by THOR in 2009.

Photo submitted January 2011.
Stephen, aka "Rock", of the band Holy Knight is a THOR fan and proud of it.

Photo submitted September 2008.
Franco Medici from Buenos Aires, Argentina...with his THOR totems! HAIL THOR!

Photo submitted April 2006.
Slodovan Minotauro from Barcelona, seen here posing near the Red Sea in Egypt - Oct. '05.

Photo submitted January 2007
Swedish THOR fans: Oscar "Thunder" Rolfsson and Fabian "Lightning" Puregger shown here striking a thunderous pose with Oscar's massive THOR collection.

Photo submitted October 2005
Beky Hayes from Austin, TX. Photo circa 1986.
Photo submitted August 2005
Ricky, who saw THOR live in 2005, seen here with his permanent marker tattoo tribute to THOR.
August 2005
Three THOR fans at his show in Raleigh, NC at Kings Barcade
Seen here with their custom-made THOR T-shirts.
July 29th, 2005
Strike First Music crew repping THOR...NYC Style!
Seen here on the terrace of the Strike First offices. East Village, NYC
7:30pm - Friday - March 8th, 2005
(from left to right: Rock Candy, James Callahan, and Double D.)
Paco Gomez from Spain
December 2004
Chris Osborn - from Northwestern Connecticut, USA
Behold The Hammer!
November 2004
Phil Raza, longtime fan of THOR seen here
as he was for Halloween 2004
Here's Penny, Phil Raza's pumped-up partner
Halloween 2004.
Tomas Ericson, in leopard print pants, with his friend Homarn at the
Motala Metal Fest in Sweden in 2001 or 2002. All Hail Swedish THOR fans!
with Maria (keyboard player of the Polish cult band CETI).
Photo taken at a RockMetal fest in early 2003.
Here's a picture of a group of Swedish Thor fans at Rockslaget 2003 in Karlshamn!
From the left: Joanna, Cido, Evy, Rob, Helena, Hofer, Oscar, Tomas, Peter and Lindell.

Thanks to Oscar Rolfsson for sending this photo.

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