NEWS ARCHIVES - as reported on 1/14/03
Rock God THOR meets Punk Legend HENRY ROLLINS!

When Gods Unite! Here's how THOR and ROLLINS met in 2003.

Thor met up with Henry Rollins in Seattle Friday, Jan 10th 2003. He was Rollin's guest at the Moore Theatre in Seattle as Henry Rollins performed a spoken word show.

Mrs. Jennifer Palmer, friend of Thor, tells this story about how this meeting came about:

"I sold a Thor album on eBay and sent it to the auction winner in good faith. After a time passed and no payment was received, I contacted the buyer to request payment. He replied immediately and apologized profusely, explaining that he really was a big Thor fan and didn't mean to blow me off.

Once payment was arranged I noticed the email address was "hrollins." I asked him, "are you, um, THE h rollins? As in Henry Rollins?" When he said yes, I wrote back and told him that Thor was actually a very good friend of the family, and apparently a big fan of Rollins' too! Henry arranged for Thor and his friends to have guest seating and access to his show at the Moore Theater, where this photo was taken afterwards."

Thor met with Henry Rollins backstage and exchanged info on topics such as weightlifting, music, movies and bands such as The Dictators.
Thor was honored to autograph Henry's collection of Thor LPs. Rollins is a TRUE Thor fan!

Both had mutual friends such as Brian Kehew who produced Thunder On the Tundra on Thor's recent Triumphant album.

Thor was very impressed with Rollin's show and found him very entertaining and intriguing. Thor was inspired by Rollins to one day do a spoken word performance, and he and Henry talked about recording a song together sometime in the future.


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