NEWS - as reported on 6/27/03

Janelle Perry of
The Weekend Flash
>> THOR on PLAYBOY Channel! June 21st, 2003!!

THOR spoke with Janelle Perry (pictured below), the Entertainment Editor
for The Weekend Flash about his upcoming CD and DVD releases.

As she introduced the God of Thunder, THOR walked out in full costume, complete with a full-head
gladiator helmet. The scene could've really used a smoke machine, but it was great! After swinging hammers
and swords to and fro, THOR sat down for the interview. He talked about his obsession with super heros
throughout his life, his strength feats, and his new DVD (which will be available via this site soon!)

THOR also recounted a show he performed in back in the 70's called The Naked Waiter - an adult show
in Hawaii. Part of the show called for THOR to dress as Elvis, sing some classic Elvis songs, and strip
for the crowd. I won't go into detail, but let's just say the story ends with THOR's "hammer" making
a mess of the all-female audience. None complained about THOR's impromptu gift, so the story goes.

I was able to get a few great screen shots of the show. I will try to include this footage as a free bonus
at the end of any THOR videos that I send out to fans. Feel free to remind me if/when you order any THOR videos.

Click images below for a larger view.

The blonde goddess Janelle gropes the steel to test it's strength. BEHOLD!

THOR uses a bra from Janelle to cushion his teeth while he bends the steel bar. HAIL!

Click here for more info on Playboy's The Weekend Flash.

>> THOR weds Canadian Fans!

Jon-Mikl Thor has wed two fans from Edmonton, Canada! That's right - THOR sealed the marriage vows
between John Hartman and Jessie Wagner, who wed May 18th in Edmonton, Alberta.

The wedding was far from typical, complete with spectacular lasers and pyrotechnics.
THOR was clad in full Viking attire for this fantastic and beautiful marriage.
In addition to presiding over the nuptial vows, THOR performed Fubar Is A Super Rocker,
(from last spring’s Canadian indie movie hit, FUBAR!) with the wedding band.

Thor arrived in Edmonton on Friday May 16th to rehearse and to meet with press,
music industry executives, selected music retailers, and for appearances on radio/TV.

The reception was on May 17th with the wedding on May 18th.

Click images below for a larger view. Most photos taken by Dean & Phil of Ace Photography, Edmonton.

THOR's entrance.
The moment of truth is near...

Vows Of Valhalla!
The couple with metal in their souls are dutifully wed by THOR.

Smoke = Metal!
Local media went crazy for the event!

The triumphant ending to a magnificent event! ROCK THE CITY!!


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