Report & Photos from THOR vs. DOA show 11/29/03

World Kick Boxing Championship - Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver CANADA
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by bobdog
It was a blast! DOA at the pacific coliseum for the first time since their surprise performance
as warm up act for david lee roth in 1988. According to Joe, DOA is scheduled to play there
every 15 years, so you better get ready for 2018.

Imagine THOR, Frank Soda, Ani Kyd, Joe Shithead, Jan Bone, a giant with a sledgehammer,
and that damned Dan Yaremko all crammed into a boxing ring. Now add all their equipment
and THOR's mountain of props and costumes.

It was my duty to keep the whole thing running safe and fun. With all that meat jumping
around in the ring, the gear was bouncing like crazy and threatening to topple at any time.
Mic stands and speaker stacks were teetering like drunks. As the crowd got a little worked up, they started to grab the ropes and add their own kinetic energy to the mix. Luckily, the set was no more than 25 minutes because i don't think the shaky stage would have lasted much longer.
I had to continually stop stuff from falling over.

It was organized chaos at its best!! THOR and Shithead together might seem odd at first, but they truly are well matched... atheist punk priest meets pagan rock god. Little did I know that I created a monster when i first introduced them to each other years ago (during the Shot Spots Trooper tribute recording sessions). now picture that powerpacked combination at a world championship kickboxing bout... what more could you ask for?

Sounding as tight as ever with their new bass player, doa treated the rowdy crowd to a flurry
of favourites, including "the prisoner", "the enemy", "the agony and the ecstacy". After only
a few short shitkicking songs they jammed an old Ledzep riff to death as the mighty THOR
took to the runway in all his glory. fully cloaked, armoured, and masked... he fit right in to the fight night theme as he strutted proudly into the ring, flexing his muscles to the cheers. perhaps THOR should consider a career in WWF.

Joey and his crew then transformed into THOR's band... kicking into metal gear with such anthems as "anger is my middle name", "thunder on the tundra", and the 70's classic,
"keep the dogs away".

There were plenty of extras. Frank Soda came out with a television over his head, soloing until the tv exploded, scaring the shit out of us. Leather bound rock warrior Ani Kyd was in fine form
as backup vocalist. THOR did his famous strongman brick trick, smashing cement blocks on his chest, filling the ring with various size chunks of concrete tripping hazards. So there i was... fishing these broken brick pieces out from under their feet, meanwhile avoiding getting
stepped on, and dodging Joey's everpresent spit.

The cool thing is... before i found out that THOR/DOA was performing, I was already planning to attend this exciting event. Working the show was just a bonus. I wanted to see the 53 year old promoter climb in the ring with a 26 year old. This match had been pretty well advertised and
was much anticipated. I got to meet him backstage and he was gung ho to go. we all wished
him luck, but he lost. Gotta admire the guy. The title fight at the end of the evening was a
solid 5 rounds of action and certainly was the most entertaining (only if you are into that sort
of staged violence). I ran into tony eleven from Victorian Pork and the proud papa told me his
daughter was one of the between-round card girls. looking good alex!

Photos to left, from top to bottom (by Michael Pilmer):
Flyer for THOR/DOA show on Nov. 29th, 2003 THOR's props at Ringside Gym in Vancouver
Filming TV promo at Ringside Gym - Nov. 28th - THOR attacks camera! It comes to blows! THOR
slugs Joey!
THOR takes a battleaxe to Joey's throat Air-guitar victory dance! Both wiped out
in a fierce battle
Getting the action on film THOR & Joe attack the host! Mike Hektoen,
Cave Beast, Thundergeek, THOR, Mick Sahota, and Joey Keithley (Joey Shithead of DOA)

Photos above, from left to right (by Simon Chan):
Backstage at the Pacific Coliseum: Mick Sahota, Gionco, THOR, and Joey Shithead
Last two photos: Live in the ring at the Kickboxing Championship

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