At the wedding of Fred Hughes III and Marcelle Poulos
Swedish American Hall - San Francisco, CA
by Eri

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Here's a letter I received from Eric, a longtime THOR fan who attended
this performance after we pulled a few strings - Michael Pilmer/ThorCentral Webmaster

We almost didn't get in due to the strict, humorless guardians of the door at the Swedish-American Hall in downtown
San Francisco. This was until THOR arrived in the entryway like any other guest, dressed in his own urban
camouflage he plainly stated that "I know them, they're with me."

I was instantly blown away that I was meeting the Rock God himself, my Rock God at that for sure.
Would I know what to say? What should I say? I had so much written down. Questions, an actual interview,
but I couldn't bring myself to look at any paper. Instead I just started to mumble. I mumbled on and on about
how long I've been a fan, how I have every album, tape, CD, movie that I could ever find, etc....

What struck me first, right of the bat, and most, about THOR was the fact that he is so damn nice.
Now nice is a very general term, and I have read about how friendly THOR is with fans, but I could not,
and still cannot, get over how cordial and gratifying he is to speak with. He has to be one of, if not the all
around most pleasurable and enjoyable rock stars (or just persons period) to meet. I literally thought I was
speaking with a long lost family member. And he treated me as such.

When THOR hit the stage, complete in full warrior garb and bellowing smoke, he literally blew the crowd away.
THOR brought along his wardrobe of weaponry and masks. Hammers and axes were flying through the air as his ensemble
of musicians (that were put together the day before for one day of rehearsals !!!) hit chord for chord an assault of Norse
derived muscle-rock that is unique to THOR alone. In the midst of Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" another iron bar was
twisted to Hell. Now there were long time fans there, but there were also elderly folks who probably were wondering how
and what this "Rock Warrior" was doing on stage. While I wouldn't have minded some new tunes it was extremely
pleasing to hear THOR belt out classics such as "Anger", "Thunder on the Tundra", "Thunderhawk", and even the
original "Keep the Dogs Away"!!! After a standing ovation and chants of "THOR", "THOR", "THOR"....., the invasion
concluded with several members of the audience being pulled to join him onstage during "Rock the City".

As soon as the show ended THOR grabbed my arm and told me to meet him back
in the dressing room because he had items for me!!!

I could not have dreamed that the night would be such a memorable occasion. Michael, remember when I told you
that I did not possess a THOR t-shirt? Well I now have 2! THOR posed for a plethora of pictures with me. Some included
my friends in the crowd, and even my Husky-wolf dog named "Tundra"! THOR also signed several autographs to pictures
(and to my own war hammer I brought!) He even handed me a copy of the new Hoffman comic "THOR and the
Beast Women from the Center of the Earth" and posters of an upcoming show "THOR VS DOA".

In short, the evening with THOR exceeded our wildest expectations.
THOR truly cares about his fans in a way that few could ever realize, unless of course they meet the man.
It is an event that this fan will forever cherish and never forget. It was all made possible because of you Mr. Pilmer.

-Eric/Uber THOR fan! - November 2003

And thank *you* for taking the time to tell us all about it, Eric. Let the blood run red!- Michael
top row of photos submitted by Eric - bottom rows of photos submitted by Fred & Marcelle