Standard 8" x 10" pics and other promotional photos from THOR's career.

SuperHero-Leisure.jpg (247675 bytes)
Thor started out his career doing all kinds of performances - from Elvis inspired acts to Las Vegas strip shows. This is a very early promotional photo from Thor's early days. Probably from the early 70's.
ImpsLive.jpg (273683 bytes)
A very early promo photo...possibly the first ever...for THOR & THE IMPS. Notice Thor's manly moustache! Watch those imps die at the hands of Thor! Probably from the mid to late 70's.
ImpsBottle.jpg (275490 bytes)
Another early THOR & THE IMPS promo photo. Thor's old reliable hot water bottle trick from the old-school days! Probably from the mid to late 70's.
CrotchGrab.jpg (183418 bytes)
This photo was taken in NYC - 1981. Notice Cherry Bomb/Pantera reaching for that nipple!

Photo by D. Stevens -
This photo was from the early 1980's, I think.

Photo donated by Vogard Kane, bassist for THOR at the time of this photo. (eye patch)
Thanks, Vogard! (See Vogard's current band: Dog Leg Preacher)
This photo was taken in NYC - 1981.
Photo by D. Stevens -
UnchainedGroupColor.jpg (319741 bytes)
A very rare photo of an early version of the THOR band...probably in the early 80's. This was the Unchained era, definitely. Pictured from left to right: Keith Zazzi, Karl Cochran, Thor, and Mike Favata. This was before Steve Price joined the band on guitar.
UnchainedPose.jpg (170554 bytes)
Standard 8x10 from THOR's Unchained era. Probably 1983.
FurCoat.jpg (209240 bytes)
Standard 8x10...probably from the Unchained era - 1983.
Enigma-Split-StrongEra.jpg (250365 bytes)
Standard 8x10 used during the promotion of Only The Strong. Probably 1984/85.
Photo found at swap meet/flea market in the UK.
Credited to Andrew Catlin.
Probably from 1984/85.
Photo found at swap meet/flea market in the UK.
Credited to Joe Bangay Photography.
Dated June 2, 1984
Rope.jpg (194324 bytes)
Standard 8x10 from the Only The Strong era. Probably 1984/85.
GunPose.jpg (236692 bytes)
This picture was taken during Thor's movie-making era. Probably 1985 or 1986.
DragonHead.jpg (276619 bytes)
I think this photo was taken around 1985/86, too. The autograph was added in 1997.
CarShow.jpg (329133 bytes)
Promo photo from THOR's part in the movie Recruits. I think this photo was used to promote THOR at car shows at which he made appearances. Probably 1986 or 1987.
ThorCherryRoof.jpg (239332 bytes)
This photo was actually probably taken in 1983...or 1984. It's on a rooftop in NYC. However, this particular 8x10 was used to promote THOR during the time he lived in North Carolina (mid to late 90's).
 Magazine pull-out poster featuring THOR circa 1984/1985.

16" x 22"
THORthewarrior.jpg (67375 bytes)
 A classic photo of THOR from the Only The Strong era. Dig that plastic stuff!!
 Photo of guitarist Steve Price at same photoshoot as the one of THOR above.
Only The Strong era - mid 1980's.

Submitted by Steve Price
Cropped-ThorPantera.jpg (32590 bytes)
 Early promotional picture of Thor and Pantera. Probably dating back to
1985 or 1986. (Donated by French THOR fan, Laurent)

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